Airport Car


Meet and Greet parking is another name for the American term valet parking. A meet and greet service is one where you will be met at the terminal or in a location just outside the terminal doors by a driver who will park your car for you. On your return the car will be brought back to the same location ready for you to drive straight home. A meet and greet service saves time and hassle as your car is parked for you.

Opt for convenience and comfort by stepping straight from your car into the terminal, with Meet and Greet from Airport Parking Services now becoming a very cost effective option for travellers departing and arriving from Birmingham Airport.

What is 'Off' airport parking?

Your car will be parked in a car park located outside the airport boundary and the companies offering this type of parking are usually cheaper than on airport. There 2 types of off airport parking; park and ride services and meet and greet / valet parking. Airport Parking Services offer 'off' airport parking.

What is the best type of airport parking?

The best type of airport parking is meet and greet parking. It is totally hassle free, your car parking space is always guaranteed and you arrive at check in within minutes of leaving your car to be parked by a professional driver.

Where will my car be parked?

Your vehicle will be parked in our facilities. We guarantee that it will never be parked on a public road, public car park or public space whilst in our care. It will not be driven whilst in our care save to drive to and from the airport (except in case of breakdown, etc.). We are mindful of the trust placed in Airport Parking Services by our customers.

Do I need to leave my keys?

You will need to hand the keys to the driver so they can park your car. At most 'Off' airport car parks you will be required to leave your keys as you car will be block parked in a secure storage area for the duration of your stay. The keys will be kept in a secure dedicated keys cabinet within our own 24 hour control centre.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

There is no need to worry if your flight is delayed as we check all flights and know when you will be landing. If you miss your flight or it is cancelled simply contact us with your new travel plans and we will update your booking. It is always better to give us as much notice as possible to ensure your car is ready for collection.

What time do I need to arrive at the Airport?

You need to leave plenty of time to check in and pass through the security and passport controls. Airlines require at least 2.5 hours for long haul and even short haul destinations unless you are travelling with hand luggage. It is always best to print boarding cards before you get to the airport and do an online check in to save yourself time at the airport. Most airlines have automated bag drop facilities now so you can just turn up, check in and bag drop. However if you are travelling in a big party or with lots of bags allow yourself extra time.

Are your drivers insured to drive my car?

It is a legal requirement for all meet and greet companies to have a policy which covers all their drivers to drive their clients cars. This should be a fully comprehensive insurance which you need to check.

Will my car be insured whilst it is parked?

Most companies do not offer insurance whilst the car is stored and will not accept any liability unless it can be shown they have acted negligently and were responsible for the damage. However a reputable company will always inform the client if damage has occurred and will arrange for it to be fixed.

What happens if my car is damaged or breaks down?

All claims for damage must be reported before leaving the airport. Once a car has left the care of the Airport Parking Services it is difficult for us to accept responsibility for any damage, which could have occurred after. If however you believe damage has happened during our care, please report it to your driver or call the drivers so they can make a report. You will be required to email photos of the alleged damage to customer services, who will investigate and let you know what has been found. Any damage caused during the car parking period will be repaired. In the unlikely event of an accident, which results in the car being unroadworthy, a hire car will be provided on your return and the vehicle repaired. If your car breaks down we will do everything to start it. However if we are unable to do this, we will notify you on your return and help you arrange for its recovery. We will also help get you home if we are able to.

What happens if my tax runs out while I am away?

It is an offence not to have road tax. If there is any doubt as to the validity of any road tax, we reserve the right to refuse do drive the car. We however will always honour your booking and get our customers to drive to our car park. We will then drop them back at the terminal. On the return we will collect the client and take them back to the car park to collect their car. Please ensure you have Road Tax to enjoy our full meet and greet service.

What are your opening hours?

We operate 24/7, 365 days of the year. Although we ask for some things to be contacted during normal office hours. This is so the appropriate person may be able to deal with your query on the same day.

Can I bring a minibus or large vehicle?

We only park those vehicles which are standard cars or minibuses with 9 seats including the driver. All other minibuses or vehicles requiring special license endorsements cannot be driven by our drivers. If you book a vehicle which does not comply with our requirements, we will ask you to drive to our car park and then take you back to the airport. We will then collect you on your return and take you back to our car park to collect your car. If there is any doubt about the size of your vehicle please call 0121 306 0121 and one of our team can help you.

Can I have my car cleaned?

We offer as standard a complimentary car wash for all of our customers. If you require a car valet, then simply select the valet option after you have selected your parking and you will return to a nice shiny clean car. Our parking prices do not include a car valet this is an extra which can be bought on line or purchased at the airport. Simply notify the driver who will arrange it for you.

What if I land at a different Terminal or Airport?

Do not worry you can fly out of one terminal and back in to another without extra charge. Simply select the right terminals when booking and let us do the rest. We also cater for different airports and we can transfer your car to other airports and at the terminal of your choice.Please note there is an extra fee for this service.

How do I amend an existing booking?

Please call our office on 0121 306 0121 during regular UK office hours.

How do I cancel a booking?

Please send us an email or call the bookings office on 0121 306 0121. Please see our cancellation policy here.

How do I make a complaint?

Firstly we are sorry that you have reason to complain but if you do our complaints policy is on our Contact page. We ask you to put every complaint in writing as this creates an audit trail for the management of our complaints procedure. We promise to respond within standard timescales and will always handle your complaint fairly and politely.

Can I get a receipt for my parking booking?

Yes. Your booking confirmation email contains all the information relevant to make a receipt for your expenses or possibly an insurance claim.

I have a question not covered here, how can I contact you?

Please to email us or phone 0121 306 0121.